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TMJ, also known as temporal-mandibular joint, can be a serious and painful condition that causes headaches, earaches, soreness in the jaw, and popping of the joint.


At Medical Center Dental, our team can help you treat TMJ, reducing your pain.

Advanced dental care services allow you to receive specialized dental care from a name you trust. Dr. Todd Oyama Or Dr. Jason Walker will find a solution for any problem you are experiencing, so you don't have to live in pain any longer.  

Damaged, stained, missing, or unsightly teeth can bring down your self-confidence quickly. Missing teeth can also lead to problems with your bite and caneven lead to more lost teeth.

Beyond routine dental care services

You deserve a head-turning smile

Get the service you deserve from an exceptional team.


Relief and solutions for TMJ

• Crowns

• Dentures

• Implants

• Root canal treatments

• Bridges



Our advanced dental procedures include:

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